Thursday, 18 November 2021

Babies and Their Amazing Moms

Working from home has led to a new spate of bone and muscle problems, Dr Tony Karpelowsky told the club at the meeting this week.

Most people work at a kitchen chair, for example, at a dining room table, or slouched over a laptop on the couch, but for your health it is better to have proper chair, desk, a big computer screen at the correct height. Get up every so often and walk around a bit, even if it's for only 2 minutes at a time and incorporate exercise into your routine any way you can.

He gets up at 4 am every morning and hits the road by 4.30 to start his day, said Dr Tony.

                             Dr Tony Karpelowski, a specialist paedriatic chiropractor

Dr Tony, a specialist paedriatic chiropractor, said his passion is children and helping children.

He said the chiropractic profession started 126 years ago and is the third largest medical field after physicians and dentists. He has been practising for the past almost 20 years. 

Dr Tony practises in Illovo, Johannesburg and is a founding member of Paedriatric Chiropractic South Africa. He is also the founder of Dudes to Dads, a training workshop to teach new and expecting dads the information and practical tools needed to be a confident hands-on father.

He spoke about how amazing moms are in instinctively knowing whether their children are well or whether there are niggles along the way.

He told the club of the possible bio-mechanical constraints some Caesarian birth children pick up because they didn't have the corrective pressure on bones and muscle from emerging into the world through the birth canal and said he has treated 94% of colic babies successfully using techniques he started learning with his masters dissertation on the subject.

                            Patient and practitioner ... PDG Jankees Sligcher and Dr Tony Karpelowsky

Dr Tony came to the club through PDG Jankees Sligcher, who has had back problems and used his time on the chiropractic bench to invite him to speak at the club.

The modern habit of hunching over a screen of some sort leads to all sorts of posture problems, and this has worsened during the Covid lockdown periods, especially with children, he said. He spends a lot of time with parents teaching them why it is so important to limit screen time.

PDG Jankees is of course regional Foundation representative, and this is his month as stand-in president, fittingly as November is Foundation month for the Rotary Foundation.

He reminded the club of the importance of giving as the Rotary Foundation depends in large part on donations from clubs and individuals for funds to carry out its good works, amongst others for funding global grants.

                                              David Marshall talking about toilets

The Donate a Loo team is working on a global grant and David Marshall reported on a very promising meeting they'd had in Pretoria with an organisation that manufactures a whole range of different types of toilets at a much lower cost that previously quoted by other manufacturers.

David and the team said Eldocrete were very willing to listen to their proposals and thoughts and they're very upbeat about prospects.

Next Week: The speaker next week is Shireen Hollier, who presented the Classic Drive on weekday afternoons on the sadly departed Classic FM 1027 radio station amongst her many other accomplishments.

In Closing: The  grace that Helene Bramwell used for the meeting on Wednesday bears repeating:

May each Rotarian worldwide be showered with an ability to serve selflessly and collectively towards a common goal

- making a positive difference in the lives of the less fortunate – remembering always – one random act of kindness

could make the world of difference in the life of the recipient.

As we discover these abilities may it open our eyes to the possibility of what can be achieved together, in service to those in need.

May we be blessed with enhancing this passion, using the strength and patience within us to give back, to hold hands,

walking side by side towards a better future for all - one building brick at a time

A Thought for the Week: Better than a thousand days of diligent study is one day with a great teacher. - Japanese proverb

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