Christ Church Christian Care Centre

  • The Five C's - The Christ Church Christian Care Centre  is a hostel in a former hotel that cares for children from birth to 18. The children are referred by the Social Services and are very often abandoned babies or street children. 
  • The Hostel provides a caring environment and all the children who are old enough attend local schools and make great progress academically. The range of needs is tremendous and so far New Dawn has sponsored one of their soccer teams, stocked their library with books and set up a Computer Centre. 

 This is from Linda Vink......5th August 2011

Mike and I handed over a huge donation from a

company called Food Creations - this is their third donation - to the 5 C's.
The donation consisted of frozen meat and vegetables, baking products and a
variety of other goodies such as ham, polony, hot dog sausages, tomato
sauce, mustard etc. We collected it yesterday and handed it over to Nancy
Mudau, their social worker. She is in the picture together with 4 little
boys from the home.

And the new Gas Stove has been installed at The Christ Church Christian Care Centre..........

Pictured from left to right around the stove – Sarah Sunker, Rev Mike Sunker and Margaret Lediga from the Centre; Jan-Kees Sligcher , President of New Dawn; Linda Vink from New Dawn and Simon Sibeko and Anesh Salikram from Momentum and Mike Vink from New Dawn.