Monday, 30 March 2020

The Zoom Meeting Blog

Virtual attendees to our first Rotary New Dawn Zoom Meeting held on Wednesday 25th March at 07h00

The Corona Virus Pandemic and the subsequent "Lockdown" has caused us to do things differently at Rotary New Dawn.  Unable to travel to our normal Wednesday meeting, we held our first "Zoom" meeting sitting with a cup of coffee in the comfort of our homes.  Some even had breakfast!  

On the Agenda was our Goal Setting for the new Rotary year, and ably led by our Incoming President. Ian Widdop, on My Rotary, proceeded to guide us through our goals for 2020/21.  As these are still in draft form and have not yet been confirmed, and might be amended, I will not share them with the Club at this time and will wait for Ian to present them at the appropriate time.  All in all it was a stimulating discussion, with a lot of fruitful input from all those present.  The Club is growing in Membership which is very exciting and promises to bode well for the future.

As the Brag is such an important part of our fund raising, all "attendees" are asked to make their usual donation to the Club via EFT, stating their name for the records.

Our next Zoom Meeting will be on Wednesday 1 April at 18h00.  Please join the meeting via your cell phone or computer and as this was going to be a Pizza Evening, maybe a home baked pizza and a glass of wine as well?  If not, just join in anyway.

The following week please join us via Zoom for some fellowship and a bit of business on Wednesday 8th April at 08h00.  To make the meeting a little interesting we ask everyone to wear a tie (creatively) or a scarf.  Again please pay your Brag via EFT.  

Another reminder is the Board Meeting to be held on Tuesday 31st (tomorrow) at 08h00.  All Board members are requested to please join in.  

Some news concerning the Corona Virus Pandemic:  Our Club is involved in a collaborative project with about 8 other Gauteng Clubs to address hand sanitization at taxi ranks on the Reef.  The project is in association with SANTACO and is funded by Standard Bank.  More details to follow as soon as they become available.

Thought for the Week:  "We will come out of this storm.  In the coming days, we will have to stay calm and confident.  And for sure, we will overcome this moment of despair.  How long this will last cannot be ascertained.  But the one thing that we can be sure of is that we will not be the same anymore.  Hopefully, we would have changed for the better.  This is the way of life.  This is how life teaches us its lessons."  Avijeet Das  1987 -

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