Monday, 23 March 2020

Coronavirus - Flatten the Curve

"Dear Fellow South Africans - There comes a time in the affairs of a country when, in the face of the most formidable of challenges, its very existence as a nation is put to the test".  This is the introductory paragraph to the President's latest newsletter, which I sincerely recommend you all read.  The full newsletter is on on the New Dawn WhatsApp group, thanks to Carol Stier.

Last weeks meeting was probably our last "face-to-face" meeting for some time as we enter into a period of self isolation due to the Coronavirus.  As I write, we are expecting even more stringent measures to be announced by President Cyril Ramaphosa, including the use of the Defence Force to ensure we isolate ourselves and reduce the risk of infecting each other.

But first, onto the content of last weeks meeting.  Our guest speaker was Dr David Furness (son of the late Frayne Mathijs) who fascinated the Club members with a deeply philosophical discussion on the Universe and where we come from (and where we are going).  I won't try and summarise the detail of his presentation, safe to say that it was extremely interesting and thought provoking and he has promised a follow up at a later stage, as he ran out of time. 

Rtn Mike Mac Donald and our guest speaker, Dr David Furniss.
My thanks to Helene Bramwell who sent us a very interesting message from Bill Gates (the message is also on our WhatsApp group).  His final paragraph is chilling - "Whereas many see the Corona/Covid-19 Virus  as a great disaster, I prefer to see it as a great corrector.
It is sent to remind us of the important lessons that we seem to have forgotten and it is up to us if we will learn them or not".

As per the email recently sent out by Ian Widdop, our next meeting will be via "Zoom" and I urge everyone to try and respond to his invitation.  For those requiring a trial run, do as I did, and call Jankees Sligcher or Carol Stier, who will guide you through the process and help with a trial run.  Once you have down loaded the App it is very easy.  You will need a computer with a camera and make sure that your sound is on.  Ian Widdop will send out an invitation prior to the meeting on Wednesday and you must click on to the link.

Please note that the Wanderers Golf Day  and the Bridge Drive have been postponed / cancelled.

I end with wise words from our resident Professor from the NICD, Lucille Blumberg - "We must continue as normal as possible".

Ian Widdop chatting to our visitor Errol Berman
Jankees collecting the brag
Thought for the week:  "It took a modern pandemic to infect the collective attention of the world to remind us of our shared vulnerability and to restore humanity and kindness".  -  Farshad Asl, 1985-

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