Sunday, 8 March 2020

Business Meeting Feedback

This weeks meeting took the form of a Business Meeting, following on from the Board Meeting on Tuesday, 3rd March.  The feedback was as follows:
  • RLI Training - whilst there were some challenges regarding the format and the speakers, it was found to be generally informative and an excellent opportunity for networking.
  • Youth Portfolio - Graham gave feedback on the Rotaract Meeting as well as the news that Anya Brink and Felicity Kasango had been accepted onto the short term youth exchange for the end of the year.  Feedback is awaited from the RYLA camp attended by 2 learners from Dominican Convent.
  • Treasurer - Julian gave feedback on a payment in excess of R9000 made to the Link Literacy Project.
  • Fundraising - Karlien asked for donations for the upcoming Golf Day to be held at Wanderers Golf Club in April where prizes and sponsors are needed. We also need 4-Balls for the Golf Day.  Karlien also gave feedback to diarize a new date for the Concert from Scratch which has been moved to 25 July due to issues with the Church booking. 
  • Zoo Lake Playground - David Marshall said that a meeting was to be held with City Parks regarding permission for the removal of the existing playground equipment (which was in a dangerous condition) and for funders to be found for a new playground equipment made from recycled plastic.  Julian suggested that a District Grant could be used for this purpose.  The fencing in of the area was also recommended.  
  • Woodside Sanctuary - Paul Kasango discussed the existing Jungle Gym at Woodside and said that a School had been approached to relocate this and the area to be used for a garden that the residents of Woodside could use for recreation.  A donation of toiletries was made to Woodside which was collected by members and handed over to Paul at the end of the meeting.
  • Johannesburg Childrens Home -  Judy Symons said that she was assisting the Home to sort out their donated books into suitable categories for a Monthly Book Sale to raise funds.  Arrangements were made for the Rotaract Club to assist Judy with the sorting of the books.
  • The Reverend Nick Bell expressed his appreciation to the members of the Club for their hospitality and for making him feel at home whilst on his visit to SA. He was formerly the Vicar of Luton and is a member of the Rotary Club of Luton.  New Dawn hopes to involve the Club of Luton in a Global Grant.
Reminders -
  • Revised date for the Concert from Scratch:  25 July.  
  • Nadine Mitchely (Incoming President of the Rotaract Club) and Cara Kotze (Youth Exchange Scholar) to give talks next week.  
  • Carol Stier will be training the Club on the 25th of March and will be joined by incoming President Ian Widdop, who will talk about goal setting
  • There will be no meeting on 1 April and we will have a social pizza evening at the Golf Club instead.                                         
  • Please collect prizes, approach players and sponsors for the Golf Day at Wanders Golf Club in April.
  •  A reminder regarding Easter Eggs for Easter as well as used mens' clothing for the Twilight Home.

From the top:  Amina, Dave, Karlien and Mike listening attentively;  Nick Bell expresses his thanks;  President of the Johannesburg Club Grace van Zyl (who attended the Rotaract meeting) and Graham Donet; Peta Thomas, Judy and Nadine Mitchely at the Rotaract meeting (which followed our meeting); Dave Marshall giving feedback; Helene, Adele and Julian discussing funding for Donate-a-Loo and Judy handing over the Woodside toiletries donation to Paul Kasango.
Thought for the week;  "Success is not the key to happiness.  Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful."   Albert Schweitzer 1875-1965

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