Monday, 7 October 2019

Golfers and Visitors Galore

You know the Golf Day is fast approaching when Greg Smith pays the club a visit as he did last week.
     Greg resigned last year because his work commitments don't allow him much free time, but he promised to carry on helping out with the New Dawn Golf Day, a promise he has kept.
     Between Greg and Mike MacDonald they reported that we more or less have 23 4-balls (92 players) in the bag (pun intended). There is also a possibility of even more players joining in.
Partners in crime ... Mike MacDonald and Greg Smith are spearheading the Golf Day
     If this works out, it'll be a record field. Last year we had 72 and the previous year 66 players.
     The list of hole sponsorships is also growing while PDG Jankees Sligcher and his company, Pas Reform, are sponsoring the Halfway House to the tune of R5000.
     Greg says he'll once again organise goodie bags to welcome the players and help with the allocation of prizes on the day.
The Parkview Golf Course sets the scene for the Golf Day
    Raffle ticket sales will be starting soon for those prepared to give up the odd Saturday morning in the weeks to come before the big day on Friday, 8 November.
     The shiny new wheelbarrow for the Barrow of Booze, first prize in the raffle, has been bought and awaits contributions from members. Although we already have a fair amount of bottles, the barrow needs to be full to overflowing, so please bring your contributions.
Go Bokke! The team supporting the Springboks at Giles last Friday. We were joined by Debby Nagy and an old friend of the club, Anke McSweeney, on her way to visit her children and grandchildren in Australia
     There was an impromptu meeting at Giles Restaurant in Craighall Park last week when a group of us gathered to support the Springboks in their match against Italy.
     It's safe to say that Italy might have given the world pasta, pizza, Lamborghinis and Ferraris, but certainly not rugby expertise as the Boks slaughtered them. A good time was had by all.
Karlien Kruger and Carl Chemaly at the meeting
     The meeting on Wednesday will be devoted to the Realema teacher training project, one of the new projects for which we hope to raise RI funds. Carl Chemaly is spearheading the project and has invited a range of friends in high places to the meeting in the hope of attracting corporate sponsorships.
     Members are welcome to invite friends and family and anyone else who they believe might want to get involved.
Advocate Mothusi Tsineng
     Speaking of visitors, we had one last week in the form of Advocate Mothusi Tsineng, who works for the Gauteng Provincial Government and seems interested in Rotary. He would be a great addition to the club were he to decide to join.
     And speaking of Italian food, don't forget the pizza evening next Wednesday (16 October) at the home of Hannes and Katya Dressler in Parktown West. Joan has sent out the invitation, so please reply and pay up as soon as possible.
Samantha Deverneuil and Stella Dees brought a touch of youth to the meeting last week
     The pizza evening takes the place of the regular morning meeting to give those who can't always make it to the breakfast meetings, a chance to join in.
     Those people who want to help at Winex, please remember to give your name and times that you can help, to LindaVink.
     We're still looking for someone to arrange a table at  the Rotary Club of Johannesburg Quizz Night on Friday, 25 October. Linda has the details, which were also published in the blog of 16 September.
     A Thought for the Week: To begin, begin. - William Wordsworth (1770 - 1850)

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