Monday, 21 October 2019

Pizza Galore on a Night to Remember

The pizza night at Hannes and Katya Dressler’s home in Parktown West turned out to be a great opportunity for fellowship and fun and also a win for the club as our hosts decided to donate the proceedings to New Dawn instead of claiming expenses.
     That has made the club almost R3 500 richer, money that will stand New Dawn in good stead.
Katya and Hannes Dressler were our very generous hosts
     This is a very generous contribution from a new member.
     The pizza evening is part of a process to help those members who for various reasons cannot attend the regular Wednesday morning meetings, to stay in touch and show their commitment to Rotary, in line with a worldwide movement within Rotary to loosen ties with strict attendance rules of yesteryear.
    It is also an opportunity for members to invite friends and contacts to see and hear what the club does.
Viv and Paul Channon were honoured guests
     Amongst the guests were Viv and Paul Channon. Paul is the now retired headmaster of The Ridge School in Westcliffe, a man who is active in many good causes. He is a trustee of The Link.
     The good news is that Paul decided after his retirement that he would like to join Rotary and is now aiming to become a member of New Dawn. He promises that we'll be seeing more of him in the weeks to come.
Helene brought along Peter and Marlene Premich as guests
Peter Premich with llewellyn Leonard, who brought his family along
Carolina Reddy with Karlien Kruger and Jessica Leonard
World Polio Day
     PDG David Grant, who organised a concert at the Balalaika Hotel in aid of Rotary International's Polio Fund in July, has informed us that he has paid over an amount of R5000 in the name of Johannesburg New Dawn as a contribution towards the fund. This falls in neatly with World Polio Day on 24 October.
     Along with our usual annual contribution of $1000 and the contents of the Polio Tins, that adds up to a larger New Dawn contribution than in the past.
The Barrow of Booze is looking full, but there's still place for more contributions
     More money has been coming in for the Golf Day, with the first contributions from the sale of raffle tickets at the weekend netting R7 000.
     The raffle is for the Barrow of Booze, which is looking very full but as always there's room for more bottles, so bring them to the meetings. Any surplus bottles will get added to a second barrow to be raffled to people who are there on the day.
Sam Donet, Linda Vink and Julian Nagy on the pavement in Parkview
     Last year we made R37 000 from the raffle, so there's still quite a way to go. Contact Linda Vink if you can help with the selling, or take a list home to sell to family and friends.
     Julian Nagy brought the new Yoco credit card machine along on Sunday and managed to sell R750 worth of tickets to people who didn't have cash on them.
Ronel Wasserman with her daughter, Lily
     One of the people who bought raffle tickets at the weekend (for R200) was Ronel Wasserman, who did the same last year and won the Barrel of Booze.
     When she was told her ticket was the lucky draw, she promptly and very generously donated the whole wheelbarrow with its contents back to the club, which allowed us to set up a new mini-raffle and sell even more tickets before a second draw.
Judy and Jankees Sligcher (who took this photo) also joined Linda in Parkview
Joan Donet with exchange student Cara Kotze and her dad, Tiaan
     Joan Donet reports that our exchange student, Cara Kotze, is packing her bags for France after attending an orientation course at the weekend.
     Cara will be departing on 27 November for France and she was very excited to receive her green exchange blazer.
     We wish Cara a wonderful trip and look forward to hearing all about her experiences next year.
     Travel safe, Cara and carry good wishes from New Dawn to your French host club of Abbeville.
     A Thought for the Week: Talent hits a target no one else can hit; Genius hits a target no one else can see. - Arnold Schopenhauer (1788 - 1860)

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