Monday, 23 September 2019

District Governor visits New Dawn

D9400 DG Maurice Stander explaining what he looks for in a Club
     District Governor Maurice Stander said he's learnt that he should follow two criteria when visiting clubs.

     "First I look at whether the club is healthy on the outside. To judge this I take note of where the club meets and how they run the meetings. You pass that test with flying colours. What a magnificent venue you have," he said.

    “I then look at whether the club is healthy on the outside. This I judge by three things; whether the club has submitted its' annual financials, whether the club and most members have a presence on My Rotary, especially if the club goals have been set and lastly whether the club has a annual planner.”

     “I’m happy to report that all your documents are in order.”
     DG Maurice also reminded the club that District 9400 will be 10 years old next year and that this milestone will be celebrated at Discon 2020 in Maputo. He urged members to attend Discon 2020 and promised that more details will be made available very soon.

     There were a number of visitors on Wednesday, most notably of course DG Maurice and DGA Chrisna Stander and our AG, Peter James-Smith. Steve du Plessis made an appearance, as did Matthew Dees, husband of our latest member, Stella, who was inducted at the meeting. Needless to say, everyone kept asking him when he’s going to join.

Our AG Peter James-Smith with Frayne Mathijs
     Minehnle Majola, president of our Rotaract club, led a delegation of their members to introduce a new member, Mfundo Sibande, to New Dawn. He’s a Zimbabwean by birth and said he was glad to have found the Rotaract group at UJ, as he already felt at home amongst them.
     Other Rotaracters who attended were Megan Govender, Victoria Adekomaya, Gifty Koufie and Tafadzwa Shava.

DG Maurice and Rotaract President Minenhle welcoming Mfundo Sibande
Stella Dees was our latest member to be inducted into the Club.  A former Long Term Exchange student to Brazil, she is familiar with the workings of Rotary, and with her Events background, will be an asset to the Club.  She is married and was about to turn 30 two  days after her induction - welcome aboard Stella.
Stella Dees being inducted by DG Maurice Stander and President Judy Sligcher
     Arrangements for the Golf Day on Friday 8 November are in full swing. Linda Vink and Julian Nagy visited the Parkview Golf Club last Tuesday and managed to get a number of golfers interested in joining us for the day.
     This included the president of Ladies Golf at the club, who promises that she’d put some effort into providing a number of fourballs.
     Please remember that this is a club effort, so bring some booze for the barrow, bring prizes for the golfers, bring hole sponsorships and most important of all, bring golfers. We want to make this a great success.

     Marks Park has been confirmed as the venue for the annual Festive Dinner on Wednesday, 4 December.
     Our newest member, Stella Dees, is, amongst her many other talents, also an events planner and has agreed to help to create a spectacle such as we’ve never seen before. Invite friends and family to join you so that we can make it a truly memorable occasion.
     There will be a three-course meal with some wine, a cash bar and lots of festivities. The theme will be the feast of Sinterklaas as the Dutch celebrate it, with a lot of help from our honorable President Judy and PDG Jankees Sligcher.

Rotarians in a row - Frank, Ian, Hannes and Karlien
     The roster will be going around soon for Winex at the Sandton Convention Centre from 30 October to 1 November.
     The three important dates for volunteers are the Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. We stand to earn R445 per completed shift, potentially a welcome sum for the club coffers if we can round up enough volunteers. Shifts on those three days are from 3 - 11 pm, but can be broken up into an early and late shift from  3 - 6 pm and 5.30 - 11 pm.
     If you’re reasonably able bodied (it is hard, backbreaking work) and can make it, let Linda Vink know.

     The Christ Church Christian Care Centre have their Annual General Meeting on Monday, 4 November at the home in Berea. It’s at 6.30 for 7.00 pm and will include a tour of the premises and an opportunity to interact with the children if you so wish. A light supper will be served and there will be reports on the happenings at the 5 Cees this past year in terms of education, welfare, finances, social activities and plans for the future.
     It’s a great opportunity to get to know the inner workings of one of our longest standing projects, so please do plan to attend.
     I’ll make a list closer to the time and let Pastor Mike Sunker know who will be attending.

PDG Jankees Slicher shares a joke with DG Maurice Stander

Thought for the week:  "You can start changing our world for the better daily, no matter how small the action". Nelson Mandela

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